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Deer Hunter Classic is a first-person hunting game, in which players journey through different natural settings, rifle in hand, to try and hunt down some of the world's most elusive prey.

Deer Hunter Classic is part of one of the most popular hunting game franchises in history, with over a dozen releases for several different platforms including PC, Xbox 360 and Wii. As was expected, this latest release for Android is extremely well-produced.

Even though most of your time on Deer Hunter will be spent in the countryside, stalking your prey and shooting at just the right moment, prior preparation is fundamental. In this regards, the most interesting feature gives you a wide array of options when setting up your rifle, including adding different scopes, ammunition clips, etc.

Deer Hunter Classic is a first person action game in which you will be able to hunt all kinds of prey in all possible sizes. This is one of the best hunting experiences available on Android devices.
By Raúl Rosso
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